Trash Test Dummies

Wading Through the Bullshit at the Bottom of Your Netflix Queue

Seven Deadly Sins

Netflix’s ‘original’ series proves a baffling mish-mash of Arthurian imagery and stock anime tropes. Also, there’s a talking pig named Hawk.


Lovesick / Scrotal Recall

A British romantic sitcom that is far more charming than its title would imply. Originally named ‘Scrotal Recall’, it was later re-christened ‘Lovesick’, presumably to gross out fewer people.

Baby Daddy

Get this: a layabout, twenty-something, white male living in NYC suddenly finds himself in custody of his own illegitimate baby girl! What a premise! I certainly hope he’s surrounded by a pantheon of wacky sidekicks™!

Madoka Magica

At Justin’s behest, we settle in for an apparently good female-driven anime series. Also, three heterosexual men try to discuss gender politics, so that won’t be painful at all.

Fuller House

On this episode, we look back at the risen corpse of an early nineties sitcom. Featuring: John Stamos, Candace Cameron Bure, The Sister, Neighbor Girl, and a bunch of child actors.

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